Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the Season

This photo is long over due but here is a picture of my Rivah Family at Thanksgiving! (missed you-trevor)

I finally got tired of looking at white walls...so I let my Little(Jen) pick out the new bathroom color. I like yellow but this yellow turned out to be the color of the rubber gloves you buy at the grocery store for cleaning.


This was an empty recycling container before my holiday party this past weekend.

Well that's all for the christmas decor...this is a little snowman I made at work.


Patrick said...

I love the huge gap at the bottom of your post.

Jenny said...

it should be all better now...that's what I get for being in a hurry earlier.

Corey said...

Hey Jenny - remember the light you commented on in my foyer? If you'd like it, you can have it. I decided to use a different light, so this one would just go in the trash. You interested?

Jenny said...

Yes,I would be interested and if it doesn't fit my house, I'll pass it onto another blog reader.
What type of light are you going to use?

Corey said...

I'm switching to the Fado light, which is also from Ikea. I think it fits my modern style a bit better.