Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I need a project..

It looks like the first quiet weekend in 2009 is ahead of me and I would like to do something to my house to make my roommate happy. So I am going to attempt to find the time to make the stairs presentable otherwise I will have to do things on my "to do"list that are outside.

In the future(once I find more money) I would like to replace the risers, treads, and railing but until then I need some suggestions. Should I paint the stairs black and hide all the imperfections or make a dusty mess and sand the stairs?

I like this banister for the top and bottom of the stairwell http://rowhousecreative.blogspot.com/2007/08/refurbishing-our-stairwell-banister.html

But I also like this more modern look.

Or this traditional look from a house two blocks over.

If I could replace my current iron railing with this one I would love my stairs.

Since storage space is lacking in my home, I thought this would be a neat idea.


Corey said...

Do you stairs creak? Mine did, and if yours do too, then don't bother sanding. I'd suggest just adding new risers and treads - not an easy job, but the look is worth it.

I still need to fix the balusters and banister though...

Corey said...

By the way, I love the second set of stairs you picture and the ones with storage. I wish my banister and balusters looked as good as the second, and the storage is cool for the last one, but building those stairs must take some craftmanship!

amz : ) said...

I love that you say this is to make me happy! LOL! But I'm more than happy to help in making YOU happy with the stairs if that's the project you want to do.