Monday, November 17, 2008

Finishing touches..

The more I live at my house the shorter my "to do" list gets! This past weekend was full of fun with friends and my amazing parents who stayed longer just to help me with making my "to do" list shorter.

The kitchen all finished with beautiful curtains done by a superb family friend......thanks Bonnie!!

Bonnie made me some pillows for my family room

Here's the blue one

And a red one.

Then for my bedroom...Bonnie made all the pretty pillows,curtains,and dust ruffle.

I love me some paisley...especially in my three favorite colors!

Now my bathroom gets a little TLC with a matching shower curtain.

Friday, November 14, 2008

the to do list is getting shorter!

Well it's the 7th month of owning my's the latest! With more updates to come on Monday after I make my "To Do" list smaller.

this used to be the tacky window transom above my front numbers and all

This is the latest and greatest addition to my house...the new transom above the front door!

Last week I had the chance to go out to California to visit an old YCP/sorority sister...Erica.

The new red rug for the dining room.

Because I have amazing friends who like to help paint...Jen(Little) decided to join the group on day two-the painting of red and day one was painting the walls gray. THANK YOU TO ALL MY AMAZING FRIENDS WITH PAINTING!!! I owe you all a delicious baked good :-)

Taking a little break on the Santa Monica Pier!

The kitchen pre-painiting.
Hope everyone has a great weekend...stay warm!

p.s. this is proof that my garden is still alive.