Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Here!

Christmas season is here once again....and the inside of my house looks like the christmas aisle at the store threw up inside my house! Here's a preview of the outside but you will have to wait till later on for the inside pictures.


Patrick said...

About time you updated this. BTW, your roommate was right about you posting pictures of your house ... that stained glass is pretty distinct and I am pretty sure you live across the street from a girl on my volleyball team (who is having a holiday party tonight).

Jenny said...

I need to figure out this blog stuff,so that I get emails when people post to my blog. Does your friend have two dogs and a navy blue door with a rooftop deck? If that was you guys...I definitely heard all of you as I was passing out. Did you have a good time?

Patrick said...

I don't know the color of her door, but its the one behind the tree across the street and one or two houses to the right (looking out your front door). She has one dog that is awesome and her roommate has a dog that is terrible, so yes ... two dogs. I had a great time but didn't realize how quickly I downed that bottle ... plus we won a bunch of beer pong and I had that beer. Hope we didn't keep you up.

BTW, you can do the comment e-mails from the Setting tab (on blogger), then click comments, then enter your e-mail into the text box at the bottom (Comment Notification E-mail).