Monday, July 14, 2008

It's finally becoming a home

Enough is enough...enough dust..enough procrastination...enough of school....enough of hot weather...bring on my awesome job w/Friday's off at 1pm....bring on friends visiting....bring on determination to get thru my overwhelmed life.
The new stain glass window that I designed.
My new dinner table that expands to seat 6 people...come over for a meal.
The soon to be "gone backdoor" with Andy's window frosting done this past weekend.
My garden has grown and the rats no longer touch it. I suggest looking at old blogs to see the garden in the beginning.
The laundry room in the basement
the basement bomb shelter....soon to be guest bedroom
The guest bedroom
the other wall in the guest bedroom
I was bored on a Friday night before going out so I decided to take up the carpet on the stairs.
The living room with my new furniture (the baby glider at the window will be replaced soon with a big comfy chair.
living room and dining area
My bedroom
Every girl must have a green vacuum especially if that is her favorite color.
another view of my bedroom
The master bathroom that needs to be painted...anyone care to help?
This is what the floor looked like under the carpet.