Sunday, April 13, 2008

My wrist hurts

Let's see what is going on in my, school, babysitting, and fixing up my house. The two things I'd rather do then the other two babysitting and fixing up my house. I love being able to play with kids and getting to know them. I also love having weekend projects at my house!

This weekend I decided that since everyone was out of town I would get dirty and start exposing the brick wall even more at my new place. It was a great idea until this evening when my wrist started hurting and my fingers are sore from using the hammer to much.

I left my house excited that the brick wall was done but disappointed in the fact that the CAC system will have to take up more living room space if I want decent air in the bedrooms. On Saturday I took a visit to Lowe's to design my kitchen and it was so exciting until I got the price tag. Right now I am going to focus on creating the master bathroom and getting CAC in the house before I tackle the upgrading of the kitchen.

Tomorrow I will start looking for the following:
a plumber, someone to repoint the bricks, someone to carry the trash away, and someone to frame up the bathroom....any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Otherwise I will have to learn how to do all of it myself-which I don't mind.

Later on this week I am off to Nebraska for a wedding, so unfortunately there will not be any progress pictures for another two weeks (probably).

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Corey said...

From the pictures, it looks like you don't need to repoint the brick. A wire brush, some acid, and tile brushes will do the job, but it will wear out your wrist. :)