Monday, February 23, 2009

Would you follow?

Would you read this blog if I changed what I focused on? In 2008 I took a chance at rehabbing a house and now I'm ready for something new in 2009.

Have any suggestions for me?

What is one of the craziest things you ever took a chance at doing?
What do you want to find time to take a chance at in 2009?


Stephen said...

No I will not read your blog
Take a chance at moving to Europe. Since I have known you, you have talked about it. Asking you to come into my house when I was 12 was the craziest thing I have ever took a chance at. 2009 find a girl that is as great as you.

Laura-Jane - Whimfield said...

It depends!! :) What're you gonna write about? Do we get to choose? Yes, Europe sounds good.. :)

Jenny said...

Stephen-If you will move to Baltimore and cover my mortgage..then I'll go in a heart beat. I bet you didn't realize that you would still be stuck with me as your best friend 14years later!

I have no clue what to write about...some days my life is so cookie cutter like. So if you have any suggestions...I'm open to them!
It's either Europe or Prince Edward Island(your new home)...I grew up on the Anne of Green Gables movies and have always dreamt of going there one summer(I don't know if I could handle your winters).