Monday, November 17, 2008

Finishing touches..

The more I live at my house the shorter my "to do" list gets! This past weekend was full of fun with friends and my amazing parents who stayed longer just to help me with making my "to do" list shorter.

The kitchen all finished with beautiful curtains done by a superb family friend......thanks Bonnie!!

Bonnie made me some pillows for my family room

Here's the blue one

And a red one.

Then for my bedroom...Bonnie made all the pretty pillows,curtains,and dust ruffle.

I love me some paisley...especially in my three favorite colors!

Now my bathroom gets a little TLC with a matching shower curtain.


Patrick said...

Love the red kitchen wall and wine rack

Jenny said...

If you ever paint a wall red make sure you buy a gray paint to put behind it. The people at Lowe's didn't tell me that and thus created an additional day of work that wasn't planned.