Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm so behind

Here are some quick updated pictures of my house.....anything from before drywall to after drywall...from no skylight in guest bathroom to skylight....from ugly window with large a/c unit to beautiful window waiting for stainglass.

Enjoy and I look forward to the day when my lovely couch seen in the first picture below on its side covered in plastic can be used.


Corey said...

Looks good. Are you doing this all yourself, using contractors, or family/friends?

Jenny said...

I just realized that people were commenting on my blog because I didn't have the system set-up to notify me.
I'd say about 75% of the work was me...I had/have the bruises/cuts/headaches to prove it(Haha). The other 25% was a contractor. Like you with your bathroom, I worked out this crazy contract with an amazing contractor. My parents & sister are all self employed and live in unfortuantely I didn't get any of the help I had planned on originally. The internet makes my house look good but if you come in person,you'll see my drywalling mistakes or laugh about how I did some of the plumbing. My motiviation to get this house done came from my desire to procrastinate on my grad school work(unfortunately my grades show that now) and all the free time I had from becoming single the week I bought my house.